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been playing/producing on a lot of great music recently with some incredible people. Here are some of the people I been with lately that I can’t wait to share the new music with:

Mike Posner, tracks for upcoming album (bass,cello, guitar)

Stein Sang, arranging, bass, cello for upcoming tracks

Kerry Hart, producing debut album

Rumer Willis, arranging/writing songs for what will be debut EP or album

Graziella Schazad, bass, melodica on upcoming album tracks

New Los Girls!

Starting sessions for the next Los Girls album (me and Anthony Valadez). The two of us are always working on so much music for so many people and for our own solo projects, I can’t wait to put together all the new ideas we have. Hopefully with this Los Girls release we will actually play a live gig or two as well! More soon.

New Album!

My new album entitled “Xochil” is done and just needs to be mixed! I am so excited to share my new work with everyone and couldn’t be happier with how all 12 tracks came out. This album was primarily done at my house and I did most everything on it. It was such a incredible journey making each song and I am super proud of this album, my 3rd as a leader. Also in the works is another LOS GIRLS album and more collaborations with Mocky. Looking forward to having tons of new stuff to release at the end of this year.

Happy 80th Bday to Horace Tapscott. Horace was a pivotal figure in the music scene of LA from the 60’s until his death in 1999. His playing and arranging style and the way he devoted himself to raising the next generation and to being the change he wanted to see in his community constantly inspires me. His music and the community he created was so important in my development as a musician and as a man and I will forever cherish the music Horace has left us with.

Recent sessions

Recently I’ve had he pleasure of playing bass and cello on some great stuff with some amazing artists. Cant wait for all this music to be released.

Jesper Munk:

Nils Wulker:

Graziella Schazad:

Jamie Woon:

Joel Taylor:

Looking forward to much more this year!

My first gig in NY ever! Was so amazing that William Parker let me play bass with Henry in his ensemble. I was in high school and had went to accompany Henry on the trip cause it was his big return to NY after decades of being off the scene. William heard me practicing back stage before rehearsal and asked me to play and said he would play another instrument and I could use his bass. I was 17 and a senior in high school and many of my then musical heroes were either in the band or in attendance that night at the concert. A truly amazing experience and I am forever grateful to William for giving the opportunity and helping me become the man and musicians that I am today.

World Stage Benefit

Growing up in LA I had the privilege of getting to be a part of the amazing music scene that was based around Leimert Park. I used to take the bus there from Sherman Oaks every Thursday when I was 15 to go play jazz at the World Stage and hear all my favorite players and learn about community, music, jazz and life. The World Stage was started by Billy Higgins and Horace Tapscott and for a long time was the epicenter of jazz in LA, many musicians would find their home base there and bands such as the Pan Afrikan Peoples Arkestra were staples there; as well as being able to see Horace and Billy all the time. I feel like getting to go down there all time and be accepted into this amazing community of people is what made me grow up as a person and a musician and I credit this place and community for helping me be the artist that I am today. In recent times the World Stage, and much of Leimert Park, has fallen on hard financial times due to raised rent and other economic issues. In order to help the World Stage pay its rent I will be hosting a series of concerts/photography exhibits at the World Stage with all profits going back to the World Stage. The first event will be Saturday Feb 1st and will feature the amazing photography of Xochil Alvarez and a concert of some of LA’s finest musicians playing jazz in its purest form. I will be posting more information next month and info will also be available at

One of the best parts of my job is seeing singers capture the crowd and create magical moments with the various covers/arrangements we have them do. Shemika brought down the house the other week with her version of “roar” by Katy perry

Nick Rosen is a multi-instrumentalist composer and music director from Los Angeles. He got his start playing music at the age of 15 and, while still in high school, helped jazz legend Henry Grimes return to the jazz scene after a 35 year absence. Nick has been featured in the Hollywood Reporter, Jazz Times, LA Weekly, Vanity Fair and was on the front page of the LA Times twice.

Currently, Nick is the music director for The Sayers Club in Hollywood where he's had featured performances with Prince,, Estelle, Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven, Common and Rumer Willis. Nick previously headed music at Hollywood's famed Bardot Sessions and has worked with artists like Bruno Mars, Perry Farrell, Macy Gray, Michel Gondry, Jon Brion, Gavin Degraw and Esthero. He also recorded with Oscar-winning composer Michael Giacchino on scores for Super 8, Star Trek, Land of the Lost, Fringe and LOST. Nick is signed to Porter Records and released Into the Sky in 2010, Violet in 2012 and is working on his third solo album for 2014. Nick produces with Mocky Recordings and is collaborating with Anthony Valadez (KCRW) on their new project, Los Girls (Plug Research).

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